Best Ethereum Wallet

The Ethers can be stored in the hardware wallets; Wallets are like ledgers, which keep account of the alt-coins in a defined manner. Ethereum has a number of wallets. Ideally, any wallet should have the following features.

Best Ethereum Wallet

Seeds and private keys: It should provide secure keys and it is individual’s responsibility to store it safely in a location or print and keep it.

The wallet should be easy to understand and use

Development of community, it is very important to have an active community using the wallets which makes the transactions easier.

You can store the private keys and seeds as backups to use incase of emergencies to restore the wallet

The wallets should be compatible with different operating system.


Best Ethereum WalletIncase your selected wallet doesn’t provide the above features, the wallet can be at risk. Here is the list of top exchanges of Ethereum


Here is the list of Best EthereumWallets

1. Ethereum For TREZOR Wallet
2. Ethereum For Ledger Nano S
3. Exodus’s Ethereum Wallet
4. Jaxx’sEthereum Wallet

1. Ethereum For TREZOR Wallet:

This wallet can be accessed even offline. You can just logon to your wallet using your regular credentials. It is not just a cold storage wallet; you can do transaction as and when required. The device is of very small size; you can attach it to your key change and carry it anywhere. When you want to spend the Ethers just attach the device to your computer and transact. It is a simple offline alt-coins wallets which can be a storage unit for Ethers and can transact when required.

2. Ethereum For Ledger Nano S

When you start opening Ethereum For Ledger Nano S wallet, the first thing required is to put a pin to the wallet. This is for security reasons, so that it is not accessed by any other person. You will get a 24 word seed which is to be secured safely and stored for future use. This seed is useful in setup of private keys. If you lose your seed and if it lands in incorrect hands, the person can access your wallet and use all your Ethers. Be safe

3. Exodus’s Ethereum Wallet

It is a desktop wallet having multi-cryptocurrency. You can analyze the alt-coins you have in the wallet with the help of pie diagram. As soon as you open the wallet the pie chart shows the entire wallet indicating the coins of various cryptocurrencies. It is a first of its kind wallet which allows for exchanging cryptocurrencies. It comes with built-in ShapeShift. The Exodus wallet supports following cryptocurrenciesEthereum, Bitcoin, Factom, Litecoin, Golem, Dogecoin, Auge, Dash. This is an online wallet and will not be functional offline. The private keys are stored in your device only and the chances of stealing away the keys are less, but of course you should be vigilant about your security.Incase you are unable to login, it is quite easy to restore access to your wallet by a single click on email recovery. You will also have seed keys which are secured and stored for emergencies. This way your money is secure in Exodus’s Ethereum Wallet It is not an 100% open source, certain segments are open sourced and the code cannot be accessed completely, incase of any attempt. It is based on ETH blockchain. Like most of the wallets the key is stored onto your device only. Your key is secure and you have the full access to your wallet to store the coins or make the transactions

4. Jaxx’sEthereum Wallet

This Ethereum has both block chains Ethereum (ETH), the new version and Ethereum Classic (ETC), the original version. This server will not have your private keys, the keys can be stored and secured on your device online. The wallet is not open source and the wallets site can be accessible. Hence you can find a number of online surveys on Jaxx’sEthereum Wallet. Inorder to start with this wallet have sufficient funds to get the program. You can transact when the value of money is best.

Conclusion: People are going digital these days and digital banking is a trend. Cryptocurrencies are today’s currencies and wallets are the secured places to store your funds. Ethereum has been trending since its inception and is expected to grow further in coming years.