Basic Principles of the Universe and Beyond

In our quite a few subjects that we have reviewed listed here in some depth, there are inherent primary principles that are sacrosanct in your physical universe, the aspiration universe, the universe of anti matter, all other universes, fields, planes and proportions, and they are countless and as valid as yours. All universes are not all the similar of course but for that matter, many worlds are not the exact same in your very own cozy tiny universe possibly. So I can communicate about these essential rules and how they healthy into the over-all scheme of things with out worry of some alien intelligence challenging my statements. (Smiling).

I have wanted to communicate about these universal concepts for some time and now is as very good a time as just about every to give you some history that will with any luck , make it simpler to understand some of the content we will discuss listed here. The order of dialogue is not critical right here, in other words, all fo these principles reviewed here are similarly significant, but I converse of them as they appear to head. You could speculate why this know-how is important to you, and I would not blame you a little bit for inquiring, for the reason that real truth is that you can dwell your daily life very satisfactorily with out personal know-how of the internal doing the job of your globe and universe. The significant areas about your truth operate quickly, irrespective of whether you know of their existence or not, but there are some vital aspects that can enable you enlarge your scope of notion and raise the good quality of your private existence.

Also, there arrives a time in the evolution of all consciousness when progression by means of lives brings about this information whether you actively search for it or not. The awareness and facts we go over in these posts, will be widespread understanding in decades to appear, so in that respect, you are in advance of the recreation. Reincarnation will be universally acknowledged, the existence of the soul as a significant, purposeful, smart entity, closely associated with its personalities advancement will be recognized.

Considering that your dream universe is the closest illustration that you can use as a comparison for this dialogue, I will employing analogies with your dreaming point out in some of these conversations. The universe of anti matter is also close to you in terms of actualisation and length but is basically out of access to you and will generally normally be out of reach even while a element of your identification resides there. In somewhat simple conditions, it exists on the other aspect of the aspiration universe and remains inaccessible. I needed to contact on these six basic attributes of ALL UNIVERSES, not so a lot to explain to you what “IS”, but to acquaint you with what “Isn’t really” relative to your individual universe. Some of the ideas that you think about true are only actual in your planet, and some moments, not even actual in other realities in your have universe.

Inter-Common Adaptability The principles that in shape into this group are applicable and use to all universes, fields, planes, dimensions and all worlds contained therein, equally physically materialized and non-physical. They have and share both some or all of the qualities that when utilized to one particular, will implement to all. This indicates that there are some features that utilize to your environment that you may presume are common when viewing them from your world’s system of practical experience, but are not common. Thankfully because of the existence of your dream universe, I have a leg to stand on here in furthering my explanations and the analogies that I use will use…

So let me simplify this rather by expressing that in employing the aspiration universe as an case in point, maybe I can make my factors, considering that what are common attributes between the aspiration universe and your physical universe, will also maintain for all other universes. Certainly, your universe is bodily materialized and the aspiration universe, although it shares some of the features of a bodily universe, it is by no implies a thick, rigid or steady as yours, but it is materialized through the use of atomic structure and the manipulation of molecules, although not to the very same degree in mass. Allow me give some illustrations of Common Principles and how they use, but maintain in mind that these are only a couple of the universal principles and we will go over many others in due time.

1. Locomotion or Movement of Self Having all over is an essential factor of all universes. You walk, run, bounce or creep in the physical universe and you do all of this and extra in the aspiration universe, like flying on situation, so locomotion or motion via space of a person kind or one more is a commonality in all worlds in all universes. Locomotion or motion of self IS a essential universal basic principle.

2. Time and Continuity Time in your environment is professional as a series of passing times, 1 right before the other, stretching out into the future, 1 fading out as the other will come into perspective. The previous looks to fade absent, completed, completed, by no means to be actually revisited apart from in memory, entire and unchangeable. I will not have to persuade you that time basically is not professional the identical way in the aspiration universe, given that you can experience a months events in a make a difference of moments in the dreaming point out and by no means pass up a person iota of encounter. You could, for instance, practical experience your complete large university profession in a 50 % hour dream.

In the dream condition, time is plastic and malleable, it can be shortened or lengthened, but if you could evaluate time in the aspiration point out, you would locate that an hour of dreaming did not really price you an hour of clock time off of your lifetime span. Translated, in the desire state, you do not age at the exact same charge as the waking condition. This reality on your own could be of some desire when your civilization reaches the level of prolonged area flights to distant planets, but by then, this will not be required simply because room flight by rocket ship will be passe by then and never ever used to any terrific extent thanks to the wide distances in between inhabited clever units. In some programs “consecutive time” is not utilized and activities are experienced not in passing times but in groupings of similarity of situations or purchase of significance. An apart time would not exist as it does in your globe without having the human species, so in a perception, you inflict time on on your own and your procedure. Time is an illusion and is NOT a basic universal basic principle.

3. Room or Length Because time and place variety of go hand in hand, you could suppose that no self respecting minute would go devoid of a corresponding device of distance, and you would be appropriate. Distance is rather crucial in your bodily planet, simply just due to the fact perceptions should vacation a sure length by means of the nerve structure from your finger idea via your arm right before achieving your brain, giving the convincing effect that length is included in physical perception. To journey length, can take time. But most worlds are not physical and you can see that in your desire universe, perceptions can be instantaneous and simultaneous to an superb diploma even while a body is concerned, even though not materialized in the typical sense of the word. In the desire universe, you have a body, but since it has no appreciable mass, it does not demand time for its perceptive skills and you can travel from just one finish of your nation to the other in a dream in a make a difference of minutes.

I also want to mention, as you know I converse routinely about many universes, and you might surprise where they are, where by do they exist, due to the fact your universe can take up so a great deal place, how is there area for other universes. Do they exist where your universe finishes at the edge of house? Given that space is an illusion, and a pretty handy 1 I will have to confess, mainly because there is absolutely nothing like a wander alongside a deserted seaside in the morning mist, and with no the illusion, this would be rather not possible. I am not stating that the illusion is not handy, and you had greater honor the illusion while in the bodily planet or the penalties could be dire indeed.. I know this is a brain bender, and you may possibly consider that all universes, fields and dimensions need to exist strung out, a single just after the other in room, at minimum from your viewpoint, but from some others perspectives, it just would not search that very same way. All exist and coexist in the similar house and no length is associated! Room and length are also an illusion and space is NOT a primary universal theory.

4. Gravity Gravity is a handy device for the existence of actual physical things like you and your cherished objects, given that it keeps you from floating out into space, which would not genuinely exist in any case, but for  now you much better pretend it does. Gravity can often be a trouble as evidenced by the large amount of money of electricity expected to carry your rockets into space. Because you can operate faster, jump increased and often even fly in the desire point out, we can get past this one rapidly. Gravity is NOT a universal theory inside your universe, even although you could unquestionably measure its results with your devices. Gravity does not even keep for other worlds in your same universe although your devices would notify you if not. Of program the motive that it can be calculated, is that your measuring devices are made in your universe and they will ensure what ever you invented them to measure. Other planets with other beings with their have principles, their possess instruments and parameters for existence and their own (distinct than yours) preceptors, will knowledge gravity differently or not at all. Gravity is NOT a primary universal theory. Whilst your researchers will  not agree at this time.

5. Connectivity with everything that is. Anything is connected, from the smallest insect on your world to the speck of dust on the farthest star. The seemingly vacant area in-involving is only the un-manifest portions of consciousness as it acts as an artificial separator of manifest parts of consciousness, human beings, animals, objects and events.  The moi ignores what it won’t want to perceive, and that is considerably far more than it does decide on to understand. This is not your fault, it is the mother nature of the moi as it struggled for dominance in an rising entire world. The moi attempts to  individual by itself from motion, but this is impossible considering the fact that the moi is a section of action,  the separation does not genuinely exist, but the visual appearance of separation does. The obvious separation of gentleman from “All That Is” (God)  was incipient in the starting ahead of the 1st actual physical particle was shaped and was necessitated by the need to have for the exponential enlargement of consciousness.

Of course, all consciousness, yours and some others that predominate in other worlds and other universes, chooses how and what to acknowledge as aspect of their very own reality, but in all worlds, even while there may be distortions and distinctions, the connection of every thing “that is” continue to exists universally. It would seem that your world and your universe is a closed method, independent of all other individuals, but this is an visual appearance only, and all universes are connected and dependent on every single other to some extent. It is theoretically probable to perceive everything that exists and to knowledge that connectivity, but that exclusive lofty situation and potential is reserved for “All That Is”.At this point, you are surrounded with, immersed in and inundated by so a lot other unseen information that you are currently geared up and able of perceiving, but pick out to disregard, that if you had been ready to understand it in its totality, it would generate you to madness. So for individuals of you fond of religious connotation, it is pretty legitimate to say that :” We are all A single”, and that is not a symbolic statement. Connectivity of every little thing IS a fundamental universal basic principle.

6. Common Consciousness Everything is conscious to some extent. The elemental energy of “All That Is” (God), the Primary Supply of all development is inherent in all that exists in any universe. There was no beginning, but for realistic uses, there was an unique emergence or awakening from a state of non-staying. Given that in that historic beginning that never ever was, there was practically nothing but the initial electrical power Supply, we can legitimately presume that everything that came thereafter originated in that authentic emergence and was inherently connected to that first consciousness. You dwell in a process of appearances, and almost everything that seems to be what it is, is only an overlay of atomic framework filling in psychic styles designed by consciousness.

There are of system, several flavors and colorations of consciousness from the lesser to the higher, but  to some extent all consciousness, even that of a minute electron possesses constrained awareness of its own remaining. You can then rightly assume that all actual physical kinds arising from the tendency of atoms to form pattern buildings, are to some extent self knowledgeable since the developing blocks of your physical appearances are themselves mindful.. I am stating that even a rock possesses its special “rock” kind of consciousness, and is familiar with that it exists and enjoys its personal achievement found  in the really movement of its atoms as they give it its possess one of a kind attributes. A rock is of course not a small human being and will never ever say “Hi there, have a awesome day”, but in its personal confined vary of perception, which is thoroughly distinctive than yours, can perception the heat of the solar on its surface and the shade of the impending dusk. What I am indicating here is that you are emerged in a sea of consciousness and that consciousness stretches as a result of the huge expanses of the universe. I want to make it very clear, that in saying that a little something is mindful does not necessarily mean that I am assigning your phrase of “Residing Issue” to it, given that what “lives” and isn’t going to dwell is purely arbitrary and you attract the hypothetical line between dwelling and useless issue. Finally, there is no “useless” make a difference, there is only make a difference that you look at dead since you will not see it transfer. Common Consciousness of Every little thing IS a fundamental universal theory.

7. Reincarnation and continuity of consciousness The moment shaped, mindful identification can not be reversed, withdrawn, diminished, negated or annihilated, it is eternal in that respect, it can improve and evolve, but it can not be destroyed. This implies that the YOU that you like so much will often exist and you will under no circumstances reduce sight of your most treasured reminiscences, abilities, enjoys and enthusiasts. Identity and persona exist endlessly, not in the identical variety of class, but normally modifying, expanding and evolving. For the animal enthusiasts among you, this also applies to animals, together with your most loved animals and it is achievable for you to reunite with your favourite animals in potential lives. In your physical technique and other actual physical systems, this continuity of identification is perpetuated via the procedures of reincarnation and chances, but reincarnation is only needed in the bodily methods considering that a non-bodily overall body does not die. (Reincarnation is not utilized in the dream universe.) Reincarnation is NOT a standard universal principle since it only applies to bodily techniques, continuity of identity IS. Like it or not, you are an eternal persona.

Quite a few of our content will allude to these rules and ideally you will have a somewhat better comprehension as we continue on.

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