Bitcoin Mining in Area: An Interview With Miner One particular&#039s CEO

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A firm made historical past on Monday by launching a Bitcoin mining rig identified as Place Miner One particular into the stratosphere, in which it confirmed transactions and mined Bitcoin over 100,000 feet from the surface area of the world.

Attached to a climate balloon, the Room Miner One particular rig drifted via the lessen atmosphere prior to returning to Earth on a parachute the place it was securely recovered from a discipline in Lithuania. The rig was connected to the online by means of satellite cell phone and was also fitted with an ASIC mining chip, a Raspberry Pi 3, battery, GoPro Hero 5, and a metallic memento coin for a competition winner.

We spoke to Miner A single CEO Pranas Slušnys about the meaning of the start and his plans for the long run.

“The objective of Room Miner 1 is to symbolically specific our perception that bitcoin and cryptocurrency in standard is about the long term and the innovative technology at its coronary heart: so-referred to as blockchain technologies. And with this new technological innovation, the sky’s the restrict.”

Mr. Slušnys features an extraordinary resume including over 20 many years working experience in IT&T small business and data middle development and administration. The Miner One particular challenge is currently raising funds to establish a mining farm in northern Sweden in which lower temperatures and energy expenditures will all help the results of the project’s crypto-mining operation, which the team believe that will grant buyers greater returns than mining at home.

The up coming stage of the job is constructing the mining facility. Mr. Slušnys knowledgeable us that they are keen to get started mining, specifically with the rebounding selling prices of Bitcoin and Ether, stating that this will assistance fork out for much more of the chopping-edge tools the venture requires to increase. The venture has fully commited to start out payouts to buyers by the close of the summertime.

Miner 1 CEO instructed CCN that when Monday’s launch was symbolic, he firmly thinks mining cryptocurrency in room will be a truth in the long run.

“We imagine mining and the technology it is based mostly on will, of system, sooner or later achieve outer room. In a perception, it already has to the extent that communications channels carrying info all over the bitcoin network use satellites.

We even hear word that NASA is exploring the possibility of employing blockchain know-how for communication and navigation in room.”

Even though the Miner A person group will be holding their toes on the floor, NASA has certainly begun blockchain investigation for deep space navigation, and it may perhaps effectively be that in the long term, satellites armed with mining nodes and solar panels could work cryptocurrency networks and deliver returns from outer place.

Photos from MinerOne.


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