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It is extremely popular for resource-abundant nations, which as soon as were being underneath colonial rule, to remain very poor even after freeing them selves from the superpowers that subjugated them. A look to the south of the equator serves as a reminder that while a country could be rich in resources does not necessarily translate into prosperity for its citizens.

There are lots of theories that attempt to describe this phenomena, these kinds of as political corruption, absence of expenditure to make sure sustainable growth and deficiency of the necessary engineering to thoroughly exploit their riches. The latter is the greater culprit due to the reality that underdeveloped nations never have the needed technological know-how to absolutely extract their riches with out needing the assistance of a extra made nation. So while colonial rule may well have come to conclude, the unseen chains of colonialism are even now intact.

The Atlantis Blue Challenge has introduced an asset centered token on the stellar network which incorporates the semi-precious gem referred to as Larimar. They aim to demonstrate that the digitization of an asset can greater provide a local community than the invitation of a super electric power to assistance them exploit it. The math doesn’t lie. When a place or little group is ready to independently run their extraction functions, the resources generated by the sale of the exploited methods will all keep on being at the local stage.

Blockchain technologies has produced this possible. The Atlantis blue electronic tokens can be discovered on the Stellar Decentralized Trade. Anyone that buys the token is not only investing in his or her portfolio, but also in the group that mines the gorgeous gems of Larimar. It supplies them the monetary backing desired to boost mining abilities and avoid becoming dependent of a far more created country that would have taken a share of the whole operation.

Thanks to the sale of Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens (ABDT) on the stellar network, the project has been equipped to acquire enough money to interact in an worldwide marketing and advertising campaign of Larimar and accumulate ample funds to nearly double mining operations in the class of two months. We can only desire of where this local community will be in a not so distant tomorrow.

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