ePRX 1:1 Airdrop to eBTC Holders

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eBitcoin Basis has finally announced ProxyCard (ePRX) 1:1 airdrop on 17th March.

With the enable of the two communities’ and teams’ challenging perform, ePRX will be the most beneficial airdropped token thanks to the following causes:

  1. Contrary to other new airdrops, ePRX has a full offer of only 50M token, Billions – producing price from the outset.
  2. ProxyCard currently has a Condition-of-the-Art doing work solution and there are a lot of thrilling planned developments in the pipeline that will provide wonderful worth to ePRX that will make Proxy Wallet stand out.
  3.  On paper and in practice, Proxy Wallet is the most protected cryptocurrency wallet obtainable.  It brings together the benefit of a cellular computer software wallet with the safety of a hardware chilly wallet.  This generates a two-factor system for all transactions that incorporates a login with a biometric or NFC action.  Transactions are signed on system and Proxy servers are under no circumstances in possession of wallet personal keys.
  4.  NFC Support – Proxy enables people to choose-in for next element authentication using NFC know-how.  The NFC playing cards contain an encoded partial code that is only usable when blended with other components locked driving the user’s login account.  Only when all these items of information are put together on gadget can a transaction be properly signed and submitted. The NFC cards also ship with a QR code that can be utilised by other customers or merchants to make payment requests or talk by means of the developed-in messaging program.
  5. Created-in and user-friendly chat function with an interesting UX that enables men and women to use Proxy Wallet to obtain, send out, and shop cash properly and easily although speaking with every single other.
  6. Only wallet that supports eBTC’s ‘Multi-Payment Solution’. eBitcoin’s MPS is exceptional as no other intelligent contract (token) together with Ethereum itself has a functionality to make various payments in a solitary transaction.  Thanks to our builders, eBTC holders can make up to 255 payments in JUST 1 transaction applying Proxy Wallet saving heaps of time, energy, and gasoline expenses. This exclusive attribute by yourself places eBTC and Proxy Wallet on the frontline and will entice major organizations to take eBTC as a payment resolution. This will also assist considerably in attaining mass adoption.

To get the ePRX tokens, you will need to have to do the subsequent:

  1. Transfer ALL your eBTC tokens into a wallet of which you hold the Personal Crucial (Proxy Wallet for Android, or MyEtherWallet is great).
  2. To be 100% selected that you will get the new ePRX tokens, leave your eBTC tokens in that wallet till you have gained the further ePRX tokens OR till we announce that you can shift them as you desire.
  3. IT IS Critical that your eBTC are not saved in any Exchange or Intelligent Agreement like EtherDelta/ ForkDelta or similar on the 17th of March 2018 or thereafter.


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