Reddit Reportedly Eliminates Bitcoin As Payment, Cites ‘Coinbase Change’

Reddit has reportedly eradicated the possibility for customers to pay for their top quality membership method, Reddit Gold, in Bitcoin (BTC) citing an “upcoming Coinbase change”, in accordance to a Reddit submit in subreddit /r/btc printed March 23.

Reddit consumer BitcoinXio posted a video of the techniques to give yet another person Reddit Gold, demonstrating that the only payment alternatives are PayPal and credit card.


Reddit user emoney40, a moderator of numerous subreddits but not /r/btc, commented that the alter is due to the Coinbase Commerce transform:

“The upcoming Coinbase improve, mixed with some bugs all-around the Bitcoin payment option that were being influencing purchases for particular end users, led us to remove Bitcoin as a payment selection.”

Coinbase posted on its Medium site in early March 2018 about retiring Coinbase Merchant Resources in area of Coinbase Commerce, which they acknowledged “may be disruptive to Coinbase Service provider Resource clients.” As of April 30, merchants that utilized Coinbase Service provider Applications will no lengthier have access to that product, with May possibly 31 as the closing date for the essential change to Coinbase Commerce.

Consumer emoney40 also explained that introducing BTC back as a payment solution is not a assurance:

“We’re going to choose a glimpse at desire and check out the development of Coinbase Commerce just before creating a conclusion on whether to reenable.”

Some Reddit users on the thread commented that they have been not making use of BTC to spend for Reddit Gold in any case, due to the high transaction service fees. Nonetheless, in February BTC transaction fees dipped under the price of Bitcoin Income (BCH) fees, which had been just one of the key speaking details of BTC’s opponents.

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