Sierra Leone’s Faux Blockchain Election: Who Is to Blame?

In the wake of seemingly beneficial information for equally Sierra Leone and Blockchain, where by it was alleged that the technology fashioned portion of an election procedure, it afterwards emerged that there was some misinformation.

Agora, the business that was at the heart of the miscommunication, was referred to as out for proclaiming that they ran part of the African Nation’s election on the Blockchain, when in actuality, they had been merely showing how Blockchain elections could be finished, running it concurrently as a demonstration to the authorities.

A media storm made as Agora was caught in the crosshairs. Nonetheless, they arrived out with a statement intending to vindicate on their own from any incorrect. Agora pointed to the simple fact they had been basically an international observer, underlining that they in no way claimed to be counting formal election benefits in their demo Blockchain election check.

The drop out of it all did not paint Agora in a constructive light-weight. But, alongside with a assertion they sent out, their CEO, Leo Gammar advised Cointelegraph that they experienced absent on to guarantee the Countrywide Electoral Fee (NEC) of Sierra Leone they are sorry for what transpired. The company also admitted to Cointelegraph that this incident has offered them with a steep discovering curve.

What happened, or didn’t occur?

On March 7, Sierra Leone allegedly used Blockchain technological know-how in tallying its presidential elections, according to Agora’s CEO Leo Gammar.

Jason Lukasiewicz, the COO of Agora spoke to Cointelegraph, stating directly that this is the “first time in history a Blockchain has been utilized in any government election, at any time.”

Gammar followed up with a information sent to Agora’s Telegram group stating that the Agora team is “engaged in Sierra Leone presidential elections,”

Agora then boasted on the Telegram group that their Blockchain voting know-how was functioning correctly and that they had been forward of the official fee.




Agora sent out a good deal of press and was noted on some of them. Even so, the ambiguous character of these statements pointed audience in the direction of believing Blockchain technology was being used to tally election benefits in a authentic-entire world application.

In reality, Agora, with odd bits of information here and there, was running a demonstration of what Blockchain can do, but it was misconstrued, and misinterpreted by the media.

Not so rapidly

It led to the Countrywide Electoral Fee coming out to distinct the air. The NEC officially denied any use of Blockchain to tally election.



Challenging classes

Talking with Cointelegraph, CEO of Agora, Leo Gammar admitted that there was a bout of miscommunication and a few PR problems manufactured on their behalf. Nonetheless, they experience that they are continue to very well placed to assist a region like Sierra Leone deliver transparency to the electoral procedure as the NEC is even now intrigued in possibly pursuing Blockchain in the foreseeable future.

“There was some miscommunication on our behalf, and I think we learned a great deal due to the fact of it. We made a couple of mistakes when speaking to journalists, and when we sought to clear it up, it was all also late.”

“We received quite excited about the technology and the way in which it could help people – like a ton of firms do in the Blockchain room and I consider we came on also sturdy for the NEC. We now know we have to up our PR match, and form out our media savvy – to which we have employed another person to assist with that and, we have to technique the election side of matters with a whole lot less passion and excitement and rather current the information and the possibilities.”

No hurt performed

Even with taking a knock in conditions of undesirable press for the miscommunication that unfolded, it seems that the excellent of this demonstration to the governing administration did not get tarnished. Gammar states that there is continue to keen desire from the NEC to see far more of what Blockchain is able of.

“We have a quite very good romance with the NEC, I used a lot of time in their places of work and they have a pretty entrepreneurial spirit when it will come to Blockchain they are eager to understand it extra,” Gammar reported.

“When I arrived there, they did not recognize what Blockchain was, but they are nicely educated on digital electoral counting, and knew the dangers that happened in Norway when there ended up threats of Russian hackers. But, they like the audio of Blockchain and the transparency it can convey.”

“By-elections are coming up in a couple of months time and I will be likely again to Sierra Leone to see how we can even more show and produce the Blockchain voting probable. They are nonetheless keen to see what can be performed inspite of this media storm.”

It would show up that although Agora was at fault in conditions of their overeagerness to get the information out, which led to miscommunication and misunderstanding, the aftermath of it has not carried out far too considerably damage to the opportunity of the technological innovation to make a circumstance in this true-environment setting.

Blockchain elections have very long been thought of as a opportunity to clear up a great deal of woes that citizens of corrupt nations around the world face. Agora was specified a shot at showcasing this probable but just about scuppered it in what has been the closest that Blockchain has arrive to being concerned in genuine-globe elections. Their enjoyment and hoopla at the effective demonstration overshadowed their dedication to reporting on it precisely and had it gone one more way, this could have established a terrible precedent for foreseeable future Blockchain voting experiments.

The electric power of the media

Blockchain organizations, even with getting at the forefront of a new wave of technologies, have a ton to discover in terms of surviving the mainstream. Media attention and companions on the degree of governments are things that not a lot of tiny startups have practical experience with.

Agora has proven that a couple wrong techniques, or a small overeagerness, can easily scupper a great deal of great perform, in particular in a room that is brimming with prospective. Agora’s standing has surely taken a hit, in the know-how place, but their apology has allegedly been accepted by their client, the NEC, according to Gammar, and the path is nonetheless established for even more developments for Blockchain elections in Sierra Leone.

The stage was set for Agora to showcase Blockchain’s potential in voting and elections, in a genuine-environment use scenario. Having said that, they met a harsh backlash for faults they built in managing the condition.

Their overenthusiasm almost price tag them a shot at proving the technology and likely environment a new precedent with the Sierra Leone NEC. If they are to be thought, and the NEC is however intrigued in looking at a lot more of what they can offer, then a person would say it is no damage completed, besides most likely to Agora’s track record.

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