Trezor Urges Warning After Discovery of Components Wallet ‘One-For-1 Copies’ On Sale

Cryptocurrency hardware wallet company Trezor issued a warning to end users Nov. 19 following earning what it known as the “startling” discovery that rogue actors were being developing and selling pretend units.

Trezor, which alongside one another with Ledger and KeepKey forms just one of the oldest and most effective-known wallet manufacturers, claimed that an “unknown” 3rd get together was distributing “one-to-1 copies” of its flagship Trezor Just one gadget.

“Trezor clones have been launched over the many years of our exercise,” officers mentioned, noting:

“However, in latest weeks, we have uncovered one thing additional startling. A just one-to-1 copy of Trezor Just one. In other text, a phony Trezor product, made by a various, mysterious vendor.”

The latest shift to impersonate facets of the cryptocurrency sphere, the faux appears not compared with the lots of social media heists providing fraudulent totally free tokens and endorsements below the name of other effectively-known figures from the business.

Scammers have even specific First Coin Offerings (ICO) with phony variations in order to steal funds from would-be contributors.

The Trezor 1 situation consists of subtle distinctions in packaging, Trezor states, confined to parts these as the hologram and barcode sticker.

Seeming to originate from China, the business wrote that users really should training suspicion when acquiring units above the World wide web from third functions.

“Be quite careful when shopping for on other marketplaces, these types of as eBay, Taobao, AliExpress, not known Amazon resellers or other locations,” it extra, stating:

“If you are not confident about the authenticity of the vendor or the channel, normally move forward with the formal channels.”

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