TrustToken Receives $20 Million in Funding Round

TrustToken, the corporation behind the TrueUSD stablecoin, has lifted $20 million in a strategic funding round from Andreessen Horowitz, BlockTower Money, Danhua Cash, GGV Cash, and other functions.

“The most modern spherical will help the advancement of the TrustToken asset tokenization platform, for property that may well involve currencies, equities, actual estate, and far more. The funding will also get allotted towards the expansion of TrustToken’s lawful, partnership, products, and engineering departments.”

TrueUSD bought off to a rocky begin on Binance after their May perhaps listing which noticed the price of the stablecoin bounce 40% to trade at $1.40 ahead of stabilizing all over again, definitely a enormous challenge for a forex designed to match the greenback.

An mentioned that buying and selling bots had been to blame for the spike, created to snap up newly-shown currencies irrespective of value – since they had not been programmed to overlook the stablecoin they amassed in bulk even as the price started to climb, despite the deficiency of incentive to do so. The group was able to regain manage of the price tag right before lengthy, although there was a hold off in the start as the challenge was investigated.

An advised CCN that the staff has taken steps to further safeguard the currency worth:

“We’ve started outreach to tell traders to stay clear of getting any TrueUSD priced considerably from $1 dollar. Here’s an case in point of our released content material for educating traders. Generally, as awareness for TrueUSD’s redeemability for $1 dollar improves, balance will also enhance. It does not make a lot perception to pay more than $1 for a little something that is basically a claim for $1 accurately.”

With points under handle, An is describing massive designs for the stablecoin, declaring that the US dollar is not the only currency TrustToken have their eyes on. “We’ve been concentrated on TrueUSD considering the fact that its start a few months in the past since there has been powerful need for a reliable, fiat-backed stablecoin. In just 3 months, the marketplace cap of TrueUSD (TUSD) has grown to over $60 million. The subsequent action would be tokenizing other currencies these kinds of as the Euro.”

TrueUSD rivals Tether as the only other fiat-backed stablecoin on the industry. The two initiatives declare to reserve $1 USD for each and every token they difficulty, and to burn off a token for each dollar they return to buyers cashing out. By collateralizing the forex with fiat, the workforce can make certain that buyers can always income out substantial quantities with out impacting the cost, allowing traders to protect the price of their holdings throughout a marketplace drop and to enter the market place with out immediate exposure to the selling price volatility witnessed in Bitcoin and altcoins.

Tether, having said that, has been mired in controversy considering that firing their auditors and refusing to release monetary statements demonstrating to traders that they seriously have the collateral to back again the coins. If the task has been issuing unbacked tokens, a sudden mass withdrawal could collapse the undertaking entirely as Tether would be unable to income absolutely everyone out, main to a death spiral in the forex value that would produce a shockwave during the overall market place.

The major variation between TrueUSD and Tether (the only other fiat-backed stablecoin in sector) is that TrustToken does not keep any of the cash gained when TrueUSD gets acquired. TrustToken works with certified rely on firms that currently control billions of dollars to open up up an escrow account on behalf of TrueUSD token holders,” explained An.

As skepticism grows above the legitimacy of the Tether challenge, other stablecoin initiatives vie to satisfy the position of the range a person volatility haven for crypto-traders with distinct solutions such as Havven’s cryptocurrency-backed eUSD and Digix which is a stablecoin backed by gold. It continues to be to be witnessed if TrueUSD can just take the prime spot, but in today’s tentative ecosystem, just one point is selected – the cryptomarket wants a reliable stablecoin, and it needs it now.

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